A unique seminar and coaching service is now available in the fitness, wellness, body shaping and strength training categories

Veteran strength, fitness and bodybuilding coach, Brian Sterling-Vete, invented the scientifically proven ISOfitness exercise system, Dynamic Flexation, and Trisometric exercise techniques.

Brian co-authored with 1st Place Bikini Fitness Competition Winner Helen Renee, a definitive book --The 70 Second Difference--about how these concepts can be used to dramatically reduce the amount of time needed to get maximum benefits from exercise.

They are considered evangelists in how applied corporate fitness is scientifically proven to dramatically increase company profits and employee productivity.

This is as a direct result of having the workforce perform only 70 seconds of simple exercise time spread at certain intervals throughout the day.

The Number ONE Reason People Don't Exercise?   TIME!

The 70 Second Difference™ book also includes a complete 3-level workout plan that is scientifically designed to give a basic full-body workout routine to people of all levels. 

Since the ISOfitness™ exercise system harnesses your natural Adaptive Response mechanism it doesn’t matter if you’re a complete beginner or an advanced professional athlete, you still get the perfect workout every time.

Helen and Brian now deliver international seminars, coaching and consulting in these revolutionary strength, fitness and body shaping concepts to clients all over the world.  

They also deliver bespoke corporate fitness and business efficiency coaching and seminars which are designed to create a happier, healthier and much more financially productive workforce.

Helen Renee is an ISOfitness™ Exercise Specialist, Author, Martial Artist and Competitive Bikini Fitness Athlete from the United States.

Helen went from being 40lbs overweight, to a size ZERO athlete in just 8 months, and trains in both Pak Mei Southern Shaolin Kung Fu and Muay Thai martial arts.

She worked closely with and was taught veteran strength, bodybuilding and martial arts coach Brian Sterling-Vete as he formalized for publication his latest research study of advanced isometric exercise concepts, advanced isometric exercise techniques, and functional isokinetic exercises.

Helen now teaches the ISOfitness™ system in video-led online workout routines, webinars, and live seminar events specifically for women.  She also teaches advanced male and female athletes functional isometric bodybuilding and body shaping concepts.

Brian is a British author, Guinness World Record Holder, internationally recognised martial arts instructor and lifetime achievement award-winner. 

As a veteran strength and fitness coach, Brian trained with, and coached his friend and 4 Times World’s Strongest Man, Jon Pall Sigmarsson of Iceland in strength and the martial arts.

Brian has worked with BBC TV News and is a TV broadcaster with a no-nonsense, entertainingly politically incorrect, and direct approach to all aspects of strength training, fitness, bodybuilding and body shaping.

Exercising at Work Increases Productivity and Effectiveness


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